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Updates! Personal, Writing, and Music


Long time no see! After going away for the holidays, I came back and dove deep into a new creative project. I’ll talk a little about that in a bit, but first, the writing!

Vendetta is now available in paperback!  (Here and here.)  It’s gorgeous.  There are only slight changes from the digital editions, mainly in the graphics department.  Chapter headings, as seen in the Amazon version, now have double daggers instead of one.  This change was made largely because in print, the single dagger created the illusion that the heading was not centered.  The maps are still there.  In the Smashwords edition, readers get two versions of each map: ones in color, and ones suitable for e-ink readers.  Amazon readers only get one set of maps.  This is the same set that is included with the print version, but the second map has been rotated, and the floral print from the cover is carried over to the border (and other front matter, actually).  Additionally, because embedding fonts in an ebook can get tricky (depends on the format and reader), the font inside the digital books is plain, so that the reader can adjust the size and font family.  In the print edition, the font seen on the covers and maps has been used for headers and footers (the things that tell you what book you are reading and what page you are on), and in the chapter headings.  This simplistic change has made a world of difference.

I was also recently interviewed by Thomas Bradley, author of The Kona Shuffle and The Hilo Hustle (to be released February 3rd).  He took me into the Interrogation Room, wherein I spilled the beans about where Vendetta came from, why I like writing fantasy, and how my musical life makes appearances in my works.  I have only one correction to make to the piece, and that is the introduction, where I am introduced as a film producer.  As of yet, I have not technically produced any films as a producer, but I do work in production.

Now, onto the creative projects!

If you’ve read the interview with Thomas Bradley (and I hope that you did!), you’ll know that I’m a musician.  I’m working on an album.  It is no where near finished yet.  The writing process is complete.  There are still tracks to record, mix, and master.  I’m really thrilled to get this project out into the world.  It’s an ecclectic mix of rock (punk, indie, acoustic, even a little metal), pop, electronica (EDM, trance, and flavorings of other genres), and even a little classical.  I will share more when the album is closer to being released.

That’s about it for me.  I hope everyone is having a safe New Year, and that we can all find the courage to stick with our resolutions.

History at Risk

History at Risk is a web-series I work on.  We are currently releasing season one, which follows events in a historic Baltimore neighborhood known as Fell’s Point.

What we’re looking for is not just history, but history presented or preserved in a unique way.  And we find that people’s perceptions of history change if they learn the history in ways that really speak to them.

You can watch History at Risk here: historyatrisk.com. New episodes are released every Wednesday. We also have a tumblr and a facebook page.

Enjoy! And please, feel free to drop us a line with any comments. If you know of some interesting ways that history is being preserved, or you are a historian preserving history in an exciting, unique way, please message us!


As I’ve mentioned before, I recently decided to go back to school.

Well, the semester is nearly over.  That means I’ll be getting more time to work on my career, which I still sneak a few moments in here and there for.

The Shadow’s Edge series is not yet complete.  The second book was finished, and sent out for beta review.  It came back with praise and suggestions and critique.  I’m pleased.  This means that I can get to work on The World Walker.

In other writing news, I’m being interviewed about writing and Vendetta.  I’ll post when the interview goes live.  I’m also working on a paperback version of Vendetta.

But as for everything else?  Well, nothing else has been going on aside from school work and work.  However, some of that work has resulted in a web-series.  I’ll post more on that soon.  It’s a really exciting project, and I’m eager to share it here.

I hope everyone had a safe, happy holiday last week.

Do You Like Sci-Fi/Fantasy Short Stories?

My husband’s short stories are now available on Amazon!

Every Day Is Exactly the Same: Three Stories by Frank L Tybush V | © 2013 Frank L Tybush V

Every Day Is Exactly the Same by Frank L Tybush V

Price:  $0.99 | FREE with Amazon Prime

Everyone has their demons. Some are monsters, some are events, and some are the pills you swallow every morning. Each affect you differently.

Steve finds out that leaving behind his demons may not be as easy as pushing them down a bottomless pit. Atean wonders if his life is even worth living when the one he loves is dead. And Matilda finds her life hard to stomach when she stops receiving the pills she’s supposed to swallow every day.

This collection contains three works of speculative fiction:

“Steve and the Monster”
“Atean’s New Name”
“Every Day Is Exactly the Same”


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