I’ve finally joined Wattpad!

It’s been awhile since I’ve been part of an online writing community.  I’m really excited to get back into one.  It used to be a little taboo (and perhaps still is) to talk about posting writing online, especially if your work was offered for free, and especially because plagiarism was pretty rampant back then.  The reality is this: it is the best way to reach readers and befriend your peers.  Yes, you fail to earn income, and yes, your work is at risk of being plagiarised, but your work is being read.

And that is the major mistake I made.  I left all my writing communities and failed to keep in touch with many of the people who used to support my work, because I decided to take a hiatus and work on Marona.  I got sick of listening to the people in my offline life who criticized my love of these communities, people who said I was “wasting” my talent.  And after removing the lens of youth, I worried that mistakes I made and learned from would follow me into my professional career.

I was wrong.  So wrong.

I could have taken this journey of mine with my peers, with people I respected and admired, with readers who appreciated my work.  I could have been there the moment fanfiction finally started shedding some of its stigma.  I could have been happy, for I had turned to these communities for the sheer joy of celebrating this art form.

So that brings me to now.  I’m on Wattpad.

While I find the platform a little difficult to use, I enjoy the fact that it exposes me to a vast audience.  It also helps me keep in touch with an author I met long ago, in the first writing community I ever joined, whose work has been both refreshing and inspirational throughout the years I’ve known them.

I’ll be posting works under a pseudonym, of course.  This is to distinguish these pieces from my professional pieces.  Simply put, my professional works require significant investments of time and money, but I also can earn some of that money back with them.  It is irrational for me to sink money and money-related resources into projects that have no monetary return.  However, I intend on putting my all into the pieces I publish there.

You can check out my first offering here:

Cover for JASMINE OF THE FIREFLIES by Margaret SmokeJasmine of the Fireflies by Margaret Smoke

The fireflies have always kept Jasmine safe in their haven. It was in this starry sanctuary that Jasmine mourned her father’s death, and escaped the cruelty of the world. They were her friends when no one else would listen.

Now, the fireflies’ home is in danger, and Jasmine must say goodbye. When Sana, the magical guardian of the fireflies appears, she takes Jasmine on a romantic adventure through nature, turning a tearful end into a beautiful beginning.

It’s part of the Romance category’s Summer Fling contest.  I hope you enjoy!